About Our Products

Every piece by Venessa Arizaga features semi-precious stones, crystals, ceramics and precious metals. All Venessa Arizaga pieces are unique, hand made, one of a kind, and produced in our studio in Brooklyn, NY. Producing our jewelry this way, locally in Brooklyn, NY, allows us to personally inspect every piece prior to leaving our studio along with supporting the local economy and community.

Some variances in stone & charms may occur as the charms and stones we use to produce Venesssa Arizaga Jewelry are generally rare and limited in availability. All of our jewelry is bound together by a unique threading process Venessa has created. This threading process does make some pieces fragile and care must be taken as you would with any fine Jewelry. Please do not expose your Venessa Arizaga Jewelry directly to water, especially salt water, as this will degrade the thread and cause discoloration to some charms.

We stand behind our product 100% and if there is ever an issue with your Venessa Arizaga Jewelry please contact us and we will do our best to resolve and accommodate your request. Thank you for your support!